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What are your hours of operation?
We are open from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Can parents visit during hours of operation?
Yes. Parents may visit at any time their child is in attendance. No advance notice is necessary

Do you serve meals and snacks? 
We serve breakfast and provide 2 snacks per day.  

How do I apply?
Contact us to schedule a tour and pick up your application.  Once you have returned your completed application with the necessary forms (immunizations, physical exam, and lead screening) a start date can be established.

Is there an application fee?
The fee is $75

Do you accept vouchers:
Yes. Contact us to check availability.

Do you accept preschoolers who are not toilet trained? 
Yes. We help to toilet train children when they show signs of being ready.  

What materials does my child need? 
Please provide the following: a sheet, or blanket (pillow is optional), a favorite toy, at least 2 complete change of clothes (including underwear), and any medicines your child needs

Do you accept drop- in care?
Yes, please call in advance to check availability.

What are your summer hours and vacation time?

                                                   2023 staff closing and Holiday list

Monday January 16                                                                MLK Day


Friday February 17                                                                   Staff Day 1      


Friday March 10                                                                       Staff Day 2


Friday April 7                                                                            Good Friday


Monday May 29                                                                      Memorial Day Friday


June 23                                                                                     Staff Day 3     


Tuesday July 4                                                                         Independence Day


Thursday August 17                                                                 Staff Day 4      


Monday September 4                                                             Labor Day


Wednesday November 23                                                     3 pm close


Thursday November 24                                                          Thanksgiving break


Friday November 25                                                                Thanksgiving break


Friday December 22                                                                3 pm close


Monday December 25-Monday January 1, 2024,                Christmas Break


Early Release dates


Wednesday November 23                                                      3 pm close

Friday December 22                                                                3 pm close


The Infant Room summer hours


July-August                                                                          8am-5pm       


1261 River Street, Hyde Park, MA, 02136


Thanks for submitting!

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