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Infants Program

Infants Program $595/wk full time 7-5 (part time options available)
3 months - 16 months

We acknowledge the importance of infancy and how much children learn and absorb during this crucial time.  Not only is our curriculum adjusted to each individual infant, but we also seek to teach in a manner that honors your family routine.

  • One to one moment of care, play, and communication

  • Personalized care plans for daily schedules, nutritional guidelines, and more

  • Sensory rich places and soft spaces to roll over, pull up, and explore

Daily Practices

One on One Time - Interactions that help build trust and healthy relationships with adults.
​Reading - Helps support listening, vocabulary development, and love of reading.
​Art - Music, finger painting, dance, and interactive media will spark creativity
​Exploration - Helps to entice curiosity and discovery. 
Outside Time - Allows infants to explore nature and introduce new sights, smells, and textures


Toddlers Program

Toddler program $560/wk full time 7-5 (Part time options available)

16 months - 2.8 years

We provide a safe place for your newly independent toddlers to discover how to make friends as they learn and test new skills!

  • Support for newfound independence, language, and social skills

  • Learning stations that encourage development in literacy, fine motor skills, art, and dramatic play

  • Dedicated time to explore concepts in math, science, and outdoor learning

Daily Practices

Prime Time - One on one interactions that help build relationships and social skills
Language Development - Engaging in conversations to develop thinking, speaking, and comprehension
​Sensory Time - Using physical materials and media to ignite the senses
Self Help Skills - Encouraging children to learn daily tasks and routines 
Small Group Time - Building on "Prime Time" skills, and encouraging choices in play
Outside Time - Allows toddlers to explore nature and introduce new sights, smells, and textures

Preschool Program

Preschool Program $500/ wk full time 7-5 (Part time options available)

2.9 years - 5 years

Preschool is a big year! Our supportive staff will adapt the curriculum to each child, incorporating his/her strengths and interests.   Our goal is to prepare these young minds to tackle new challenges, and to advance the skills they will need for kindergarten and beyond.

  • Supporting creative expression through music and literacy

  • Building confidence through problem solving and decision making

  • Practicing safety, security, and cleanliness according to state and local guidelines

  • Encouraging investigation and exploration through small group activities

Daily Practices

Everyday Math - Integrates numbers into real life routines (i.e., following a cooking recipe involves counting, measuring, and fractions) 
​Cause and Effect - Encourages use of the scientific method by asking questions, experimenting, finding the answer, and testing the results.
​Daily Reading - Promotes the understanding of the relationship between speech and print, aids in development of listening and speaking.
Writing Center - Inspiring creativity through the use of a variety of writing tools, paper, and other materials.
​S.T.E.M. - Solving problems using science, technology, engineering, and math.
​Outside Time - Allows preschoolers to explore and learn about nature

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